Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. Since I got a camera for my birthday, my dad set me up with a new photo blog site for me to post images, movies and anything else I am thinking about.


So check back often for my new post or you can just link to my RSS feed and be updated all the time.


Till my next post have fun.


Photo Walk

Today, i went on a walk with my dad.

We went around the woods and took a few pictures.

For more pictures http://photography.natsteveandfamily.ca/








Crazy Weather

Being at home and seeing a beautiful sunny day outside, and then seconds later hearing thunder? Next it’s poring rain out it’s like a river on the streets, but wait there’s no more rain just the sun and a bit of thunder faiding away… Crazy weather 🙂




Camping Tremblant 2011

My mom, Pat, Felicia, and I went to Tremblant to go camping with some of my moms friends,

Had such a great time canoeing, swimming, and more!


School trip to Toronto